The Beach Studios are a multi-room facility where inspiring sounds are created.

A stunning live room, two control rooms, and a green room unlike any other – find out more below.

The Black Room

Mezzanine-level control room with custom-made desk and all the equipment needed to make your sound brilliant.

The Red Room

Acoustically-designed room of expertise where musical ideas become magic.


The Green Room

Relax and soak up the vibe in our custom-designed green room, providing all that an artist needs to chill out between sessions. Complete with wood fire, the best coffee machine in the industry, Sky TV, Xbox, sofas and bean bags to melt into, and a bar to celebrate a hard day’s work creating a masterpiece.

The Live Room

At the heart of The Beach is the stunning 500 square ft live room, large enough for an entire string section.

Two storeys high, the live room is home to the UK’s only ‘drumbrella’ – a ceiling-mounted adjustable acoustic baffle enabling the acoustics in the room to be tailored to any instrument.